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Meet Ann Jacquot, Attorney at Law

Welcome to our website.  We are dedicated to protecting your rights to prevent debt collector abuse. We look forward to assisting you with your abusive debt collector problems.

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Stop Debt Collector Harassment

Once a debt collector has been notified that you are represented by our debt defense attorney, federal law requires that all contact be made through us.

Bill collectors that violate the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act can be sued, and if you win, you get actual damages, up to $1000 in statutory damages, attorney fees and costs. 

This is not a bankruptcy, it is a federal lawsuit against the debt collector.

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No Cost to You to Sue

We collect attorney fees directly from debt collectors that have violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, therefore you do not have to pay to our collections defense attorney to sue on your behalf. 

Even if we lose the case, you will not owe us attorney fees

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